Refund Policy

Jombnb Guest Refund Policy

First issued: 6 march 2017

Last Update: 6 march 2017


Guests can seek a refund for reservations when a Host cancelled your booking and for some special cases of you being unable to travel that a Host refuses to adjust.


Circumstances that may be entitled for refund include:

● Host fails to give you access to property;

● Host wrongly describes the booking eg location, bedrooms, bathrooms, air conditioning, pets;

● The property is uninhabitable;

● Unexpected death, serious illness or serious injury of a host, guest or immediate family member that directly restricts a guest’s ability to travel or a host’s ability to host;

● Officially declared state of emergencies that impact the location of the destination

● Travel restriction imposed by an authority that applies to the general public

● Need to attend to an official civic obligation eg jury duty

Jombnb at its choice may either refund you payment or substitute another property of similar description. Partial refund may be judged by Jombnb to be appropriate in circumstance of part completion of stay or stays with full facility use. Under no circumstance will this policy cover Guest costs greater than the cost of Jombnb property booking itself in relation to the booked property being or becoming unavailable.


Firstly Guests should attempt to resolve to issue direct with the Host. Contacting the Host via message or directly and then raising a dispute at the Jombnb Resolution centre as circumstances allow.

For circumstances of Host direct or indirect fault the Host should cancel the booking. Guests should clearly request, in writing if necessary, for the Host to cancel the booking if the Guest believes for the cases they believe they Host is at fault. In case of Guest fault or indirect fault the Guest should cancel the booking. Cancellation should be done as soon as practical.

When all attempts to resolve the issue with the Host fail Guests and claim a refund by:

● Raising the claim with Jombnb within 24 hours of check-in. Action within 24hours is necessary to place the Hosts payment into hold and officially raise the case;

● Co-operate with Host and Jombnb;

● Not be at fault directly or indirectly for the case.