Privacy Policy

HijrahHomes Privacy Policy

Effect date: 3 March 2017

Last Updated: 3 March 2017


This privacy policy applies to the users of Jombnb and visitors to Jombnb web sites. Jombnb refers to the entity Jombnb LTD BVI Company hereinafter referred to as Jombnb, “we”, “us” or “our”. Jombnb operates to provide sharing economy services.

The Jombnb Privacy Policy describes how we use Personal Information that we collect from use of our web site, apps electronic correspondence with us and oral communication with us. If you do not agree with any part of the Privacy Policy you should cease use of Jombnb and request removal of your Jombnb account.

This privacy policy applies to users over the age of 18, as Jombnb does not offer services to minors and does not allow user registration of minors.


Jombnb collect information that you provide us including:

1. Profile information like name, photo, addresses, age, gender, identification numbers, email addresses, social media account names, credit card and other financial details, usage statistics;

2. Your electronic posts and any other correspondence to Jombnb;

3. Cookies to recognise your device and track your online access to our website and apps; Changing your browser or device settings to “not track” will not prevent us from recording your online activities like your clicks and response to advertisements;

4. Tracking technologies like web beacons and tracking URL may be used to obtain session data about users or determine your response to messages or links;

5. Use your provided personal data to obtain additional data from 3rd parties.


Jombnb collects your information to:

1. Allow you to access your Jombnb account;

2. To operate our services and continually improve our services;

3. Prevent fraud and misconduct by systematic checking of identifications, cross-reference to public databases and assisting us with investigations;

4. Enforce our agreements and resolve disputes;

5. To keep in contact with you about account administration and marketing/promotional messages;


Jombnb may share your information as follows:

1. Distribution of parts of your Profile to other users for promotional purposes. We may display your posts, photos, locations you submit to Jombnb.

2. We may share your personal Information with Jombnb subsidiaries, associates, service entities their employees and contractors in line with the same policy we have detailed here both within the country of your use or abroad.

3. Disclosure of your personal information as required by law in response to claims against us or to comply with legal process.

4. We may disclose and publish non-personalised large data set information in collective form.


Jombnb gives users the right to request access and correction of personal information held about them. The process for access and correction of information will follow the laws of the country the request is initiated.

Users may unsubscribe from targeted promotional material by following instructions on those individual promotions.

Users may remove their account from Jombnb and cease to use Jombnb by contacting us as details below.


Jombnb have administrative, technical and physical security safeguards in place for protection of your Personal Information against unauthorised access, loss or interference. By use of Jombnb users acknowledge no system completely infallible and Jombnb while maintaining reasonable measures for information security cannot guarantee absolute security of your Personal Information and communications to us.

Jombnb may at its discretion store data on third party servers or data centres within the country you accessed the website from or outside of that country.


Users can make complaints to Jombnb regarding Personal Information by contacting Jombnb as detailed below.

If Users are unsatisfied with the resolution or action of Jombnb after first directly contacting us and allowable reasonable time to respond, not less than 40 days, users may contacts the information privacy Ombudsman of the rustication the complaint is made or an external mediator mutually agreed. All reasonable effort of settlement shall be made by both parties prior to referring to court of law.


Users can contact Jombnb by email on all matters relating to Privacy at